Pleasant Valley Realty

An Original Real Estate Offer


What better way to sell or buy a new house at a top price than getting the help of a trusted team? Pleasant Valley is all about making that deal safe and is open to all Canadians.

We’ve been in business in Canada for long enough to know the importance of good free advice to anyone who wants to buy or sell their properties.

What is the welcome offer?

When selling your property, we like to make it personal. When you come to us, we take pictures of you in your home and sell it with your story. Everything will feature online. We’ve noticed that houses sell fast when compared to the usual techniques. In return, you receive a personalized key-ring of your next house and a 10% discount on the paperwork fees.

For your questions

We have a form below for all your queries. If you have anything in mind, questions about the process of selling or buying a house, the areas we cover, the timeline for each operation or information about our promotions, then all you have to do is to fill out the form. A customer service representative will contact you on the same day.



Remember, no deposit is asked when searching for the perfect home and no account is necessary to get the best deal! Just register to our newsletter to get access to the top listed houses close to your area. Upon registration, you will:

  • Receive a welcome info pack
  • Get the 2019 discounted houses’ list
  • Free tour of the most expensive house with a fancy drink

And without registration?

Nobody is obliged to register. We are proud to welcome you to our offices to talk face to face about your project. In fact, you do not have to sign-up, just meet us for a friendly chat! We always have time for anyone who comes to seek real advice.


After the deal

We are present during the whole process of buying or selling your house. At the very beginning, we use Interac for small payments. Later, we can discuss your preferences on that matter. Come and take advantage of our 15 years' experience!

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